Coconut Oil : A Home Remedy Doctor

Coconut oil have high saturated fat, and that present fat in it have healthy benefits for our skin and body. We can use coconut oil in cooking, baking, internal and external benefits of skin. There are so many products available in the stores. I use Parachute coconut oil from so many years and Parachute advanced body lotion as moisturizer. It makes skin so so soft and silky. It’s good quality is that it absorbs easily and fast in the skin. Its bottle is so cute. I would say Coconut oil is a Home Remedy Doctor.

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In food items, I am die hard fan of coconut chatani and coconut. My personal experience with coconut oil is in healing marks, cuts and wounds. My hand was little burned with hot oil while cooking. It left the mark on my hand with all its blackness. One of my known told me to rub it with coconut oil daily. I worked on the suggestion, I used to rub Parachute coconut oil daily. Now, it has gone completely. I appreciate the suggestion and thankful to her.

Other Benefits of Coconut Oil:
Rubbing on dark elbows daily morning and evening will reduce their blackness.
– Coconut oil have rich amount of vitamin E that helps to make skin glowing and shinny.
– If you have dry damage hair, it would simply workout. Just give a massage half an hour before shower.
– It also give help in eliminating fine lines on face.
– Wash face with Coconut water, it work wonder specially for oily skin.(my experience)

Coco cocoa or cocu.. I used to call coconut by this name.
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