DIY Nail Art Idea a Quick Rich Look

Hey pretty ladies..
Whats up!!
I am ready with my DIY nail Art idea!

Do not have much time to spend on to paint the nails? but have a desire to make them pretty in this nail DIY is surely for you. Make your nails look pretty, rich look and hi-fashion and also need some simplicity then get this DIY nail art idea quick rich look just in 5 minutes. It will help you a lot to stand out.
Its simple, quick and easy!

Choose your lovely nail paint!
Apply one coat of nail polish on the nail tips in curvy shape. Like in the below 2nd and 3rd image.

Pick up a gem or rhinestone, place it on the polish with a nail glue or nail paint itself act like a glue to help the gem stick and place on nail tip one at a time just  like I did.
And it’s Done!!

I used my mom stone bindi. I just use things for this and that from my nearby to create something new.

You can also create look like this by placing just on single nail tip or use as many as you can to fill the whole nail.

                             Just go with your ideas, girls. Its a simple nail DIY, play up with the things.

Love it??
Will you apply it on your nails?
How much time you spend on your nails?
Share your views and ideas in comments!!
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Will be back with something new!
Till then join me on 
Stay tuned!

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