DIY Summer Buns Hairstyles

Hello Fashionable’s..
I promised in the last post on Summer outfit that I will be back with post on women hairstyles. So, It’s here! These are all DIY Summer Buns Hairstyles. Buns are always perfect in summer’s to get rid of sweaty chick chick picck-picck and all. Buns not only makes you stylish but gives a trendy and care free look.
Looking for some inspiration for DIY summer buns

There are various kinds of buns for different kinds of face shapes like:
Top Knot buns are perfect for Oval face shape
– Low bun is for Round face shape
– Bun with some side tendrils on the face for Square face shape

You can choose favorite bun according to your face shapes. For more check out these images.

Image Credit:Polyvore and Pinterest

Which kind of hairstyles you prefer in summers? Would you try bun this weekend!
What you think about this DIY Bun post?
Share your opinions in comments.
Hearing you!!
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