DIY Tip How To Get Dark Black Eye Liner Look

Love Dark Black Eye liner?
Girls, always complaint that their eyeliner gets off so soon or quickly.
So, Here is a DIY Tip and Trick How to Get Dark Black Eyeliner that will stick to eyes for long leaving you gorgeous and stunning. Lets see how!

What you will need?
 Light the matchstick and pass the tip of eyeliner through it quickly. It’s a safe trick to get gorgeous dark eyeliner.

Do not put it immediately on eyes after heating. Touch it with finger to know or on back hand. If it doesn’t burn and you find it enough cool to apply then, apply it to eyes.

You can see the difference in the image tested on paper and my hand skin, Eyeliner black without heat and black after heat. Apply to your eyes and it really sticks to the waterline.
Everything mentioned in the post is based on my personal experience and I always use to do it. Get the gorgeous beautiful eyes in minutes. 🙂 (:

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What you say.. glamorous?
Would you apply this DIY trick for your eyes?

Comment and Share it, if you like it.. If you are a blogger leave your links so, I can get back to you.

Have great time.

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