Dove Makes Split Ends and Dove Split Ends Rescue System Makes Beautiful Braid

Women hairs and braids has a life long relationship. Braids never fade away from fashion. I love making braids and my mom too. Her dialog about braids while making mine in my childhood:“It makes hairs long, protect from dust, less messy and gives a clean look to face.” Summers are on head, what other than buns and braid hairstyles can give us stylish and trendy look. My favorite braids are fishtail braid, spiral braid, ponytail braids with twist and used to always make something new braid fashion to set my trend with cute hair accessories.

Dove is my favorite shampoo brand. It’s new Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo and Dove Split End Rescue Conditioner really worthy products for those who are worried about their hair split ends. Split ends means damaged hairs, dirty ends or hairs with open mouth. Take a look in the pic.

I do not have any split ends so, I recommend it to my mom. I will call it “Dove Split End Rescue System Braid Magic”. Because it really do magic. Dove Makes Split Ends and Dove Split Ends Rescue System Makes Beautiful Braid. Let me tell you how.

sorry forget to take before Image. It’s after Image.

My mother has medium long hairs but with all dirty split ends. She used to get a trim to get rid of them for sometime. My mom has mindset in everything like every woman with the time. She never change her braid hairstyle and her hair oil. When ever I asked her to refresh her look, she says:“It’s your time not mine to do new.” People used to compliment her hairs and also gives a suggestion to get rid of split ends. I asked her to use New Dove Split End Rescue System. Answer was “NO”. My mom never use new things, she hesitate to use and experiment with new products because she has a mind set that old is gold. But she tried for me (after several requests and so many arguements and logics). She used it just to try it. I asked her to experiment it in the same way as Dove says and she did everything the way written in the Dove booklet.

You know what is the result?? Woot.. Split end start disappearing from second week. They have not gone completely but they are less. I am sure they will run away soon. It did wonder on her hairs. I gave her the title “Mrs. Beautiful Braid”.
Dove Split End Rescue System Review :
– Makes dry rough hair soft
– Mind blowing Fragrance
– Budget savvy Product

Flowing and shining

My Ratings: 5/5
Will I recommend it? – YES
Dove succeed in it’s promise. In my case, Mom is happy with her brand new braid and I am more happier than her. Now, I can also convince her for hair coloring. I am again ready for the wordy fight for hairs lots of logic and all. Thank you very much Dove, you come at right time to rescue my mom hairs and me too. 🙂

I would say results vary on hair type and other things also, so, do not worry if any products do not give results. Sometimes, may be products need long time on you to resolve your problem or may be product is not for you. It’s my opinion. Sometime’s it happens. Because every product in this world is different like everyone of us. Brands know it well and they produce best for you. You should too, use best for yourself.
Now, for my mom “Dove is THE BEST”.

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If you will try DOVE to reduce split ends?
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