Safety Tips for Holi Festival

Tomorrow is Holi. Waiting eagerly..right!!
Holi festival, festival of colors-India’s most colorful and most awaited festive occasion after Diwali. But are you ready to play safe Holi? Here, I am giving some “Safety Tips for Holi Festival”:

Safety Tips Before Holi:
Use dry color instead of wet which are not harmful for skin and you will give a hand in success of great mission of “Save Water”.
Moisturize Skin with good moisturizer/oil before playing Holi to get rid of color sticking and later can be washed off easily.
Oil your hair well, it will protect your hairs from colors harmful effect and also will deep condition.
Apply thick coat of nail paint on nails(fingers and toes both).
Cover hairs if can’t apply hair oil.
– Keep eyes shut while having color face attack.
– Time to take out your worst outfit from your collection you hate the most(;p) then you can get rid of hassle of washing it later.
– Try to choose dark shades to wear tops and bottoms like green,blue,red etc. If you only adore white then enjoy with whites and lighter shades then choose pink, white, beige and more pastel colors etc.

Tips After Playing Holi:
Do not rub the skin while washing face and body.
Use cleansing milk to remove colors as soap will make your skin dry and rough.

Play Safe and do not harm other on the name of Holi specially woman and kids.
Add some more tips in comment section to help others.
Wish You a Very Happy Holi!! 🙂
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