Summer Tips To Make Sweat Away and Stay Cool


Summers are on the head making us irritate with sweat. But on another side, with sweat help our body get rid of many toxins which affect our health and body and also it helps in maintaining body temperature.
Normal sweating is ok but fewer people you can find wet in sweat like if they have taken a fresh bath. If you are really fed up of sweat then use these Summer Tips To Make Sweat Away and Stay Cool:
WET WIPES AND POWDER: Use wet wipes to clean your face and put some tel-com powder. Use them in a balanced way not in excess.

BODY CLEANLINESS: Wear Cotton clothes with some loose fitting. Take bath two times and use bath anti-oxidants in bathwater. You can use Dettol liquid , lemon juice and rose petals(experienced).

EAT AND DRINK HEALTHY: Do not eat too much spicy and non-veg food. Eat natural fruits especially citrus fruits and juices. Drink lots of water to keep your skin glow and a strong appetite.

BALANCED WEIGHT: Plus size/ people with more weight than normal usually sweat a lot..its a fact. But I am not agreed. Sweat comes to all whether slim or full size. Keep your body weight balanced, regular exercise and 15-minute walk can help a lot.

USE GOOD DEO/PERFUME: It’s just to use a good deo/perfume. It not only help you to take away sweat smell but puts a good impression on others and sometimes its that fragrance people reminds you and would like to talk and get connected. Keep a pocket-size pack always with you. It works wonder.

CHANGE CLOTHES: Always have an extra tee, top, shirt if you carry a bag to change whenever you feel it’s sweat wet. It’s not stupidity to do so as it will help you, your mind and your body fresh. Sweat will not irritate you anymore.

If these tips can not help then consult a doctor.
Stay Sweat Free.

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