Features of Pear Shape Body: Know about Pear


Features of Pear Shape Body: Wide bottom and smaller on top. Usually bottom part is bigger than top part, small shoulders, round or square bottom/hips. Waist and hips are wider in comparison to bust. Gap between bust. Weight gain is more on the hips and waist. Pear shape body is compared with triangle because it look like that only small at top and wide at the bottom and thus, it’s another name is Triangle Body Shape.

Dresses Shape for Pear Shape Body: A-Line, Empire Waist, Strapless
SUITS:  Fitted open-neck, strapless tops, full and A-line skirts.
Jeans Type: Dark and skinny jeans, Parallel Pants, Straight Jeans, Straight Pants
Detailing: Embellished Asymmetric, detailing on upper part of dresses, tops and suits. Avoid pockets on hips area and at front. Emphasize more on waist and upper part.

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You will surprised to know that pear is the most common shape of women’s. Most of the woman of the world falls in this category. Check out pear shape celebrities images , get an idea by exploring more about them from their dressing style for pear body.

Read What Sonam  Kapoor wore at Cannes 2013.

So, If you are a pear shape?? Hope you find out.
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