Identify Your Body Shape: Is it Apple Body Shape??

Still figuring out which shape you have?? There is another article to increase your knowledge on woman different body shapes. Previously, you were introduced with banana and pear body shape of women’s. Now, we will know about Apple Shape/Round Shape:

Looks: Round like apple. Narrow point is above the waist, near ribs with lean thighs and legs. Weight gain on belly and upper body. More fat is above the waist. Larger bust with good cleavage, broader shoulders and flat hips (common feature but do not apply on all). Waist is not defined and all part seems collectively round that why it is called apple shape body.

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Dresses for Apple Shape Body: A-Line and Empire Waist, Some looser fit.
Suits: Fitted open-neck, A-line, Boat necks, V-necks tops, blouses, shirts and Indian suits, long jackets
Jeans Type: Dark jeans with pockets and trousers.
Detailing: Small patterns and less details, Neck detailing, full and A-line skirts.


Tell us more about apple shaped celebrities. If you have more to share, share your opinions in comment section.

Next topic will be hour glass figure. So keep checking the blog.

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