Fashion: How to Style Blue Kurta in 3 Ways

Modonika representing how to style blue kurta in 3 ways with different accessories, jewelry and shoes. This is like a challenge to oneself in daily fashion and our clothing wardrobe. We are living in a fashion era where one has to be creative in fashion sense and tastes. It’s easy to style western dress in […]

Indian Woman Back Suit Designs

Indian woman usually loves to wear traditional suit salwar as her daily wear. Other types of Indian ethnic dresses are lehenga choli, sharara, pajami suit, kurta with matching churidar and plain colored or embroidered dupatta. Salwer kameez DESIGNS are long upto knee, below knee, floor length, short and lengthy sleeves, medium neck and low back depth.  Now a […]

How To Wear Necklace With Scoop Neckline

What is Scoop Neck?– A rounded low-cut neckline dropped significantly below normal limits. You can wear long necklaces, collars, choker necklace with scoop necks. Scoop necklines are best to try with different kinds of necklaces. Women dresses have lots of choices on how to wear necklaces with different necklines.Affordable fashion jewelry help you build a […]

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