DIY Box Tutorial: Step by Step Storage Box Image Tutorial

If you are a reuse and reinvent things soul then this DIY post is just for you. There are lot of box comes in our home along with shopping of clothing, daily needs, shoes, sweets and sometimes as gift or presents in small or big size. Isn’t it?? But most of the times people throw them out or in the dustbin calling out as they are of
In reality, those no use boxes are of great use. How to use things in many ways is an art that helps you save money and time where buying is not required. Few people love handmade things. In this DIY tutorial, you will learn how to turn cardboard box or a sweet box into beautiful royal storage box to store makeup things, household things and can be used as a jewelry box. It is made wedding theme idea. You can gift these DIY boxes by putting little wedding gifts or on birthdays. Receiver will adore your handmade gift life long.
Time taken: Half an hour
Box: Use thick box
Box Life: Handle with care and avoid it from water or other liquid things.
Check out the first image for things required for DIY project.

Step by Step Tutorial:
1. Put the base white paper in the box to hide stains or marks.
2. Spread it properly and cut the extra part.
3. Paste the paper inside the box with glue.
4. Take a decorative sheet/textured paper/colored paper whichever available near you. Paste it on the lid cover of the box by placing in middle with help of the black shining tape(available on art & craft shop). Repeat the same process at the bottom of the box.
5. Cover the whole lid and box with black tape as shown in the pictures as turned in full black box.
6. Decorate it with artificial flower and bead. (Flower was plucked from artificial flower bouquet table vase)

Decorate it with lace, sequins, colorful ribbons and beads whatever you think will look best on it.
Go on with your creative skills and imagination that has no limit.
Searching for box??
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