Lip Care Sugar Scrub Image Tutorial: Home Made Sugar Scrub for Lips

Body is God gifted to humans. To take care of it, is a man responsibility. We use skin products to clean skin  but sometime avoid or forget to give proper attention to other body parts. You take facials, cleansing, spa’s and body scrubs to make body skin smooth and soft. What you do for lip care?

Today we will know how to take care of lips. Lips are also attractive part on the face after eyes. When you speak, smile and make faces..they play an important role. There are many kinds of lips thin to fuller, pink to black and small to broad. Make them beautiful, pink and luscious with Home Made Sugar Scrub for Lips with the help of Lip Care Sugar Scrub Image Tutorial. Men and women’s both can use it. It’s natural and with no side effects. You can also use petroleum gel, Vaseline, olive oil, ghee in place of butter.

How to apply lip sugar scrub:
– Take a small quantity at the tip of your middle finger. Rub it slowly in round directions or the way you want it. Rub for 2-4 minutes. Do not rub them hard it will lead to swelling.

Lip Sugar Scrub Result’s:
– Reduce blackness
– Make lips soft and supple
– Help them to keep moist and smooth
– Heal breakouts, lines
– Removes dead skin
– Make thin lips appear fuller and lusty

Apply it before going to bed or before going out or anytime when you are free. You can also store it by making desired quantity. Use it as body scrub or face scrub. It will make you feel fresh and sweeten.
Note: Use it daily for better results.

Share more DIY lip care tips in comments. Would like to know more.

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