Health and Body: Healthy Benefits of Infused Water

Today, we will know something about water and fruits combination that are refreshing, cool, tasty and moreover healthy drink that is “INFUSED WATER”.

What is infused water? 
Water obtained by steeping or soaking a substance in water.

Health Benefit of Infused water:
1. Appetite control
2. Hydration
3. Immune defense
4. Fat burning
5. Breath freshener
6. Blood sugar regulation
7. Weight management
8. Heartburn prevention etc.

Infused Water 

Here are some health benefits of infused flavored water to help you and to keep your health good in many ways. Who don’t want to own a healthy body? even a little creature.

In a jug full of water, put fruit in it that you like the most. You can do this process at least 30 minutes before drinking or soak it overnight and drink next day.

Infused water is an easier way to intake healthy fruit drink or flavored water in a safer and healthier way in a nominal cost. The most interesting point is that it has no calories and you can make it in the comfort of your home.
Isn’t that sound great!!

For your help some of the fruit/herbs combination infused water is provided. You can make your infused water for the cure of different diseases.

a. Green tea, Mint, Lime helps in fat burn, indigestion, congestion, headache and breath freshener.

b. Strawberry and Kiwi infuse water helps in cardiovascular health, blood sugar regulation, immune system protection.

c. Lemon, Cucumber, Lime cures bloating, water weight management, appetite control, hydration, indigestion.

d. Orange, Lime, Lemon cures indigestion, immune defense, heartburn and provide vitamin C to your body.

 Drink infused water at room temperature.
 Do not keep longer than 48 hours.
 One can put more water using the same fruit.
 It’s not good to use water after 48 hours so, discard it.

Would you give it a try??

If it is asked from me then Ofcourse, I tried it with cucumber and lime. Its refreshing and cool.

Source:Pinterest, facebook, health websites

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