Body Fitness: How to Lose Belly Fat With Planks

Worried about balloon stomach/belly fat??

You should be. Nobody wants those bulges and drop down fat and muscles in their body. Body Fitness is necessary for human body. Many women and men rely upon crunches to lose belly fat. They are praisefully acting than crunches. Fact is that Crunches are useful for front and side abdomen muscles. New concept you get the body toned with PLANKS.

What is a Plank?

Plank is a balance and core conditioning exercise for full body. It can be performed as a stand-alone exercise, sometimes. It helps in maintaining the core muscles of your body. It helps in burning the more calories from your body rather than crunches. It helps you in the most efficient and effective way by working out. Core muscles are only the ones in stomach. Core is made up of all the muscles, connecting the upper and lower body. It includes muscles of the stomach, hips and lower back essential for supporting almost every movement.  Plank is the best exercises because it tightens and strengthens the deepest core muscles.

Major types of planks:

Full plank – Full body is Balance on both arms and toes.
Side plank – Balance on one arm and toes.

What you need?
No equipment’s. Best part of plank exercises is that all you is nothing, just a body which is willing to stabilize itself happily.

How to do a Full Basic plank?
Do the same as shown in picture above. Lift your whole body up by balancing it on your elbows and toes while facing towards down. Your hand palms should be underneath your shoulders. Hold the position for 10-20 seconds. You can extend your time later to 45-50 seconds. Or you can repeat in sections 3 or 5 planks. Plank to lose belly fat

Side Plank :

Side Plank position is lay down on the right side, right hand should be on right hip and left hand elbow beneath your left shoulder. It is much harder than full plank. It needs more stabilization. All the balance you have made on forearm. That’s quite difficult, but not impossible. Start slowly, stay willing for a few seconds and when you get enough strong to doing it, increase planks time duration according to your body stamina. 


Have a look on this picture to know different kinds of planks one can do to burn the body fat and to increase core strength. 


For rest how to do plank exercises, watch this video.. Do and do not’s are mention clearly.

No need to join gyms and health clubs, to get your body in shape. Planks will help you get all the curves. We know you are enough willing to lose belly fat with plank exercises.
Get, set,ready!!

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