Six Indian Government Websites to Help Small Scale Business

Six Indian Government Websites to help Small Scale Business

In this world nothing is free, everything demands a cost. Small Business Do-It-Yourself is a big dream of every Indian today. When it comes to start a business or to be an entrepreneur woman then issues are always there. For women entrepreneur’s government runs different kinds of skills workshops all over India. Whether to start work from home business or brands. You have to contact them if want to know how to start a business. Tell your business plans, want to take loans at low rate, if you want to start new or interested in buying franchisee, they will help you.

There are Indian Government Websites to Help Small Scale Business to get start. Small medium scale business is recognized as a growth engine for the economy. Small scale business in this world of technology has developed well and competing national and international brands.

Indian Government has also recognized them as power for a country to grow on various levels. Sometimes, people want to be an entrepreneur and investor, finance and investment issues vanish their business ideas. Therefore, it has started a few departments to help medium scale business by providing them finance, training and research, product evaluation, business ideas etc.

We are providing a list of Six Indian Government Websites to Help Small Scale Business. Here it is:


It says: “Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), set up on April 2, 1990 is the Principal Financial Institution for the Promotion, Financing and Development of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector and SIDBI Among Top 30 Development Banks of the World.”


It says: “It’s ease your journey to reach the business world by helping and giving different business ideas. If  want to be an entrepreneur contact, its a subsidiary of SIDBI.”


It work: “It promotes and supports MSME’s through training, educating and research consultancy.”


It says: “It help you providing detail on budget and allocation, resources and publication and with schemes.”


It says: “The information is provided in the form of a well-developed content framework supported by hyper links, online services, frequently asked questions, economic news and latest updates in the national and global business scenario. Thus, it provides an easy access to diverse aspects of business in a user-friendly manner. In a nutshell, the Business Portal of India endows the readers with a step-by-step guide for starting, developing and sustaining a business in India.”


It says: “Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy over the last five decades. MSMEs not only play crucial role in providing large employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost than large industries but also help in industrialization of rural & backward areas, thereby, reducing regional imbalances, assuring more equitable distribution of national income and wealth. MSMEs are complementary to large industries as ancillary units and this sector contributes enormously to the socio-economic development of the country.”

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