8 Styles of Women Saree Blouses

In today’s fashion world, there are various designer dress styles. But saree is the one and solely ancient Indian attire which is in vogue in today’s life also. In this article, you will learn about 8 Styles of Women Saree Blouses according to women fashion trends.

Saree has two other essential garments Blouse and Petticoat that are worn along with it. Saree and blouse always compliment each other and look incomplete in the absence of other. Even simple saree can also look classy with the stylish blouse. Blouse adds grace and elegance to the saree.

Some 8 Styles of Women Saree Blouses :

1. DESIGNER BLOUSE STYLE : Designer style gives ultimate look to the saree it completely changes the traditional look of saree. It has different styles ,cuts ,designs to give a proper look to saree.

Some designer blouse patterns :
a. BIKINI BLOUSE DESIGN : If you want to look hot or have a sexy figure and wants to flaunt your figure than go with bikini blouse it will do magic and it is just like a bikini top with matching saree and looks classy in any part or occasions. It comes in trend in recent years due to Bollywood divas.

 2. EMBROIDERY BLOUSE STYLE : These blouse style also looks ultimate and available in different embroidery like dabki, neemzari, zardozi, kundan ,sequins. It majorly used with simple saree to give a heavy touch and look. Or can also be used with heavy sarees but with minimum work.

3. TRADITIONAL BLOUSE STYLE : In CHOLI BLOUSE DESIGNS embroidery work and strap strings with deep back neck are used to give a traditional look and bejeweled strings can also be used. It can also give a lehanga look to saree mainly on wedding and special occasions.

4. SAREE BLOUSE NECK STYLE : There are so many designs of blouse neck according to particular taste like boat neck ,halter neck , collar neck etc.
Some neck style patterns of blouse :
a. HALTER NECK STYLE : This style is so much in fashion today . It comes from the halter dresses which are in vogue and can flaunt your neck and back . It has V neck that can be decorated by sequins, embroidery, and lace according to saree’s color and fabrics to give a proper look to saree. There are also other neck style like cross halter neck which looks attractive if you have long neck otherwise it looks weird .

5. SAREE BLOUSE SLEEVE STYLE : There are so many sleeves style available in blouses like quarter sleeves ,full sleeve ,frill sleeves, netted sleeves, sleeveless.
– QUARTER SLEEVES with COLLAR NECK gives a sophisticated and classy look to the saree.
– Blouses with FRILL SLEEVES are so much popular and looks attractive.
– Blouses with FULL NETTED SLEEVES are in vogue with heavy work or patch on it if saree itself is simple .

6. SAREE BLOUSE BACK STYLE : Blouse have gone through so many changes from ancient times . If you want bold and beautiful look in saree then blouse with deep back neck, stringed back or back less gives you absolutely a different look.

Some back patterns of blouses :
a. BACKLESS BLOUSE : If you want a bold and sensuous look than wear a back less blouse with strings at its back to tie it flaunts your back and it gives little touch to choli style .

b. BLOUSE WITH KNOT AT BACK : Blouse with big or small knot at back are some much in trend . It is in vogue from the earlier times and however not lost its charm.

c. STRING BACK BLOUSE DESIGN : Back stringed blouses are also looks good with not zips and buttons they just have number of strings at back to tie them . If you are not comfortable with it than stitched that strings and get buttons in the front it is permanently solution .

7. BLOUSE WITH STRAPS STYLE : If you are bold and daring woman then wear SPAGHETTI STRAP BLOUSE . It has sequins or jeweled straps according to saree color that adds grace to saree . It comes in fashion in recent years due to Bollywood actresses . If you have confidence to carry it then wear it .

8. BLOUSE SHOULDER STYLE : This style gives beautiful look to any women. There are some many designs available in it like OFF-SHOULDER-STYLE , SINGLE-SHOULDER-OFF-STYLE. In this sleeves are separately attached on the top it can be high waisted or can be one shoulder off if you are not comfortable in both shoulder off then leave another shoulder bare or one shoulder covered.

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