Dream of Cindrella Style Ball Gown Dress Can Come True


Today, When I woke up in the morning, our house was like a library and museum with full of silence. I was surprised and moved out of my room, no one were there in our house, all had gone out leaving me alone and without informing me. Not fair..isn’t it? With a disheartened heart, I opened my window to have a cool and fresh breeze in the morning, my eyes turned towards a lady who was passing by the way in her beautiful ball gown wedding dress for her wedding looking gorgeously pretty. I just keep staring with all opened eyes and jaw drop in surprise.

When I was kid, I always prefer to play the role of princess spinning in the ball gown. I used towels and wrapped them around my waists to pretend they were my gowns. Sounds Funny ?? But I loved it.

I always dream to be the sophisticated princess within the fairy tale, hoping a day I could live in such a moony castle; wearing colorful and gorgeous dresses; dancing inside the clusters of flowers with lovely animals; singing a gorgeous song with little birds; enjoying myself inside the wild. Cindrella is always my favorite. My craze for ball gown is always because of Cindrella. But my grandmother never allowed me to wear ball gown dress for any occasion not even for competition too. My dream always remained a dream. But but but.. there is someone who can make your wedding dress dream come true.

If you are dreaming of Wedding Ball Gown Dress, then must visit www.tbdress.com to get all women fashion trends for gowns and a Cindrella style ball gown here: http://www.tbdress.com/Ball-Gowns/ whether for bridal purpose or for party or any special occasions.


What’s your opinion about these gowns??

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