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Wedding is very important event in everyone’s life. How interesting and challenging it would be if it’s a love cum arranged marriage? My cousin had fallen in love and it was tough time to convince the parents as love marriage was completely a big No in our family. 

Both the families had different idea of conducting the marriage,finally decided to do both the family customs.It did not end up there. My cousin and her fiancee came out with an another issue, their dream wedding. Like all girls,my cousin had always envisioned herself as Princess Diana and they wanted to get married as per their desire in their dream location with their preferred costume a day before the traditional marriage.

We did not have much problem in selecting dress for my cousin’s fiancee but when it came to my cousin,we were so confused and left in full dilemma as she was very particular in wearing “Ball gown dress” for her dream wedding and that too it should come within the budget. Whatever the dream, selecting the gown was a very critical decision for execution of dream wedding without knowing to the other family members. So we started hunting for a ball gown wedding dress that could be in affordable rate for the secret wedding.

Each dress falls into one of these design categories whether it’s a floor-length formal gown with a long train or a modern above the knee suit or dress. My cousin was behind one of the most popular styles that symbolizes many brides’ vision ‘Cinderella ‘ i.e the classic ball gown or princess gown, which is a tight with form fitting body and full skirt. This style is very complimentary and comfortable for most figure shapes, sizes and is admired for its ability to hide figure flaws. We start searching online and amazingly and were overwhelmed by the variety of selections in wedding ball gowns on  present online with all new women fashion trends. However, all designer ball gown wedding dress present in five basic styles – the ball gown, A-line, empire, the sheath style, or the slip dress.

We visited this link and like this Awesome Ball Gown Floor length Strapless Sleeveless Appliques Wedding Dress.

Do you like the ball gown we selected?

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