Go Stylish and Fashion Icon With Cheap Women Bags

Women’s loves latest fashion trends and always go crazy behind latest collections of dresses, makeup or bags. They keep on changing bags and love to carry according to their dress.
Of course, both kind of bags whether the expensive bags or cheap bags,women’s if a hi-fashion icon or if a street styler. I firmly believe that whether the bag is from Louis Vuitton’s limited edition or off the streets, maintaining our bags is very important. I have got good collection of various handbags in my cupboard which are cheap and the best fashion bags & also meets my needs for different occasion.

Let me share with you one by one women bags. Here we go with my bag collection since my college days to till date.

The Tote

I use Totes which are over sized bags usually made of cloth or other soft material. It does not only give you a style look but also environment friendly to reduce plastic! I love the tote bag because it is extremely useful when I have to shop for dresses or while travelling have to carry a lot of things from phone charger to book or makeup kit in my bag.

The satchel

This is my personal favorite as this bag has a long strap and is popularly worn slung across one shoulder. It is the ideal bag for students and I use this bag whenever I go for picnic. This bag goes well with western casuals.The sibling of this bag I would say is good old mirror worked “jhola” bags that we get off the streets. While the satchel can be combined with western wear, the mirror worked goes well with every outfit.

The shoulder strap bag

Whenever I wear semi formal and casual clothes, I choose shoulder strap bag. This is perhaps the most common type carried by women today. This type of bag consists of a single or double strap that goes over the shoulders. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes & versatile too like this http://www.tbdress.com/product/Cute-Bow-Knot-Hot-Selling-Summer-Euramerican-Retro-Bag-Womens-Bag-10899047.html

Sounds simple ..isn’t it ?? My friends are big fan of my cheap bag collection and everyone get surprised, especially love to hear Wow…. If you want to get all types of cheap bags that goes with women trend and fashion, then you must visit TBdress.com at a reasonable & affordable rates.

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