Chicken pox is a viral disease that is caused by the virus (varicella zoster) after getting infected it shows its effect after two days appearing itchy red blusters which gets convert into the scars after sometime the patient relieved from disease. It has no severe effect if it caused in small age its scars get fades-off with the time but if it appears in adult age than its scars don’t get removed easily. Normally it takes months or years in to get rid from these scars but with the help of home treatment you can get rid from scars in sometime.

So there are some easy home remedies to get rid from these chicken pox scars:
1. BAKING SODA: It is the best remedy to get relief from itching of chicken pox scars.Take baking soda and dilute it than apply it on the face it relieves from the itching and provides cool effect on scars.
2. LEMON JUICE: Natural lemon works as a bleaching agent it fades off the scars in short time and if you have sensitive skin than dilute it a little and then apply on face.

3. HONEY: Honey works as a anti bacterial or antiseptic for the scars by massaging scars with honey everyday and leave for sometime after applying it and then wash away with warm water helps to remove blister marks from face.
4. INDIAN LILAC OR NEEM LEAVES: Neem works as an antiviral or antioxidant agent it helps the patient to get relief from the itchiness of blisters and dry out the rashes by applying the neem paste on the blisters and also helps to get rid from the scars if the disease is cured and the blisters are healed than give the patient neem bath for this soak the neem leaves into water then ask patient to take bath from that water.
5. OATMEAL : One of the easy tip to get rid of scars is mix oatmeal powder with water and let it remain for some time now take a clean cloth and put this paste into cloth and place into lukewarm water an d after the water turns milky ask patient to take bath of this it relieves the patient from itchiness.
6. PAPAYA,MILK AND BROWN SUGAR: By applying the paste of raw milk, mashed papaya and brown sugar regularly on the scars helps you in diminishing the visibility of scars.
7. ALOEVERA: It is one of the best natural medicines for healing skin infections. By applying fresh aloe Vera gel on troubled areas you can get relief from itching and get rid of scars.
8. VITAMIN E OIL: Apply VITAMIN E oil on the blisters to quickly heal them and also to prevent patient from getting chicken pox scars.
9. GINGER: It is one of the best tips to get rid from chicken pox scars by mixing the ginger juice in bath water. It heals the infection and quickly cure the blisters.

10. COCONUT OIL: To get relief from chicken pox quickly massage wounds with coconut water it not only relieves you from itching but also helps in to get healthy skin again. And after blisters getting healed, scars are also removed by rubbing coconut oil on scars.

11. OLIVE OIL: It is one of the best medicines to get rid from chicken pox scars. The antioxidant properties of olive oil help to remove the scars quickly and rejuvenate the skin.

12. ALMOND OIL: By massaging the scars with almond oil it diminishes the visibility of marks and removes the dead skin cells of the skin and helps to grow the healthy skin.
13. PAPAYA: It is one of the easy and mostly used medicines to get rid of chicken pox scars. By massaging the papaya mesh on scars it cleans the chicken pox marks quickly.

14. CARROT AND CORIANDER SOUP: After boiling carrot juice and coriander leaves apply this on wounds. It will help you to get rid of chicken pox scars or else drink this soup once in a day it will effectively heal the chicken pox.
15. GREEN PEAS: By soaking green peas into water and making paste of it. Then apply it on chicken pox marks and let it remain for an hour and then wash it with warm water it will absolutely help you to get rid of chicken pox scars.

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