How to Prevent Hairfall and Regrow Hairs With Onion

We would have seen the advertisement stating “Boost is the secret of Sachin’s Energy ” but I would rather say Onion is the secret of Bhuvaneswari hair growth. Her husband always wonders how the onion quickly vanishes in the kitchen but till date he could not find out the reason…Sounds funny..isn’t it ??
But it’s true.. she lost lots of hair after pregnancy as she is not able to take care of her hair properly. She cannot see losing her hairs. When she discussed her problem with her neighbor ,she gave her a easy solution to hair problem and till date, onion has become her secret for hair growth .
Onion is the most important ingredients in her recipes and also plays a vital role in hair growth. So, ready to know the secret of hair growth and how to prevent hair fall and regrow hairs with Onion??

Listed below are the easy steps for those who need natural hair growth

1.Take handful of small onions,peel them ,make them to fine paste using blender.
2.Add equal amount of coconut oil and olive oil (as needed for your hair) to the onion paste.
3.Apply the paste on your scalp and massage it for 10 minutes and leave it for at least 30 minutes.
4.Wash your hair completely by using your regular shampoo.
5.Follow the same procedure alternate days for period of two months,you can feel a difference.
Onion paste would help to give you good hair growth, remedy for hair fall, soften hairs and also you would find new hair growth. Onion also acts as an antimicrobial agent and kills infections caused by fungus and bacteria on the scalp, thus making sure scalp is clean and also dirt free. 

We all would have tried various products in the market for our hair growth even though it was not effective in giving the expected results.

We agree, onion prices are booming every day, onion prices may come down one day but can we get back our lost hair again. So,what are we waiting for…Let’s get in to kitchen and grab some precious onion for our natural hair growth.
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