Fashion Trends 2015: Walk With the Lines

Be it fashion in Paris or India..people love the fashion trends going on and love to wear clothes according to fashion forecast done by fashion designer and stylists. These days, stripes are calling out in designers and fashion lovers head.

Want to know how to wear stripes??

Stripes are the most common lines on fabric creates a style. Whether they are -horizontal or vertical- both have unique adaptability for different silhouettes and styles. “I think stripes are horizontal or vertical are the first things we learn in school, even before we start writing. These lines will always be in Vogue because they have makeup basics,” says Designer Karishma Jamwal.
Tips for Pear Shape Body: As pear shape figure is heavier on hips then thin stripes can play well on hip area. Diagonal stripes even out bottom and top make pear shape more proportionate. Mix and match is the best option. Wear vertical stripes on bottom with thick stripes at the top specially on shoulders to look wider.
Tips for Petite Shape Body: Horizontal stripes apt for petite figure as they add width and weight to their body shape. Pastel tone stripes will add the needed amount of glamour and attraction.
Tips for Apple Shape Body: Thin/thinner vertical stripes are best for apple shape body as they create illusion of being taller and smaller.

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Tips for Banana/Slender Shape Body: Horizontal stripes makes the Banana/Slender Shape figure more fuller. Thicker stripes works wonder in creating the illusion of curves.

Stripes are redesigned every year and always make a big splash in the men and women fashion trends. Crop tops, crop pants, maxi dresses, formal jackets or skirts, ethnic suits if used rightly on these attires, they create a boldness. If you know your body type, then it will reveal best from your body shape and style when you will walk with the lines.

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