Must Have Wedding Day Emergency Bridal Kit


If you do not want to be messup your wedding day then keep an DIY wedding day emergency bridal kit with you throughout ceremony and wedding party. You can do this preparation under your budgeting. Get a cute or stunning hand bag or get customised bridal bag according to wedding dress to put all your favourite and necessary things in it.
Better to put all related things in different zip lock bags, so it become easy to see through what all bags contain. Things will help you get through any emergency if there is any. To be prepare and planned is better for anything in life.
And if a bride don’t have any emergency then save it for your bestie or known going to be married.

Must Have Wedding Day Emergency Bridal Kit Things:
Makeup corrector,
Bobby pins,
Hand sanitizer,
Breath Mints,
Safety pins,
Pocket size Handy fan(summer wedding)
Comb small and big,
Studs gold or silver,
Lipstick and lip balm,
Pocket size mirror,
Pen and pocket size diary
Band aids for foot blisters,
Small size scissor,
Small water bottle
Wet tissue paper or blotting paper,
Transparent/nude color needle thread,
Medicine pain reliever and any you cant get out without,

Widget apcmwhMost important case to buy everything if you don’t have anything from above mentioned list. Also your lovely smartphone. Emergency never give invitations to anyone. not to even a bride and groom. So, its a must to have emergency bride/groom kit or you can say wedding survival kit, where all required essential material present for work it moments.

 Bridal Bag

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