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Women number one problem I think in styling herself is to find a perfect women’s lingerie set. Its always you have to dig ground of lingerie shop. What include in that is a perfect fitted bra. I struggle too just like you. After a long time, I got something I can love and wear all day long. In my case I got Floret bra. So, here is Floret Full Coverage Bra Review for those who are big size and still hunting for a perfect bra. Must read How to find a best bra for yourself and bra tips?
Its not a big deal but you have to experiment, as every bra company have same size with different bands and cup sizes. My size 38 in Floret, but actual in Jockey 36 but here cup size is small, band size is same. I tried Tipsy, size 38 but band is small and cup is perfect. Kalyani bra is somewhat you can go for but even that no comfort was there. Tried local brands too but no satisfactory results.

Ill fitted bra’s can create several health issues like shoulder pain because of digging straps, back pain, can block blood flow that can lead to BP problems. Swelling on shoulders can create stiff neck and stiff arms or numbness.

So, in size matters whose fault..no one. Sometime not every company choose same fabric quality nor same standards that other do. Know the difference between band size and cup size. Company size chart and real person body are not same. Size chart calculations are average prediction you might get fit. You have to try different sizes to get best one the way I got. Always know your band size and cup size, both are important to get right size bra.

Perfect bra tips for big bust women:
1. Always be 1 inch gap between breasts.
2. Wide shoulder straps and back strap
3. Buy only full coverage or minimizer bra’s. Big boobs best friends.
4. Who wouldn’t love lacy bra but that not for us even they say it’s for us..No it’s not for big size. Never buy.
5. It should never ride up on back. Must have 1 finger gap to cross between from back.

Lamode Pink Floret

NOTE : Always try on store for the brand that you would love to buy later online. 
 You can buy Floret bra online. Its available on all leading online stores.

Review Conclusion:
1. Would I buy next time?  
Ofcourse I will choose it for lifetime. 
2. Is it budget friendly?  
Yes, it is.
3. Fabric quality?  
You can trust, it’s skin friendly.
4. Comfort level?
5. Durable and style?
Durable with support, stylish in variety and colors
Cross fit floret
Looking for best bra for your body type, then hassle will end now. What are your reviews about full coverage bra’s. Let us know.

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