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Dark Lips Treatment with Creams and Home Remedies

Who don’t want those pink rosy luscious lips? Whether man or woman, everyone has body Skin Lightning issues. Skin color and discolration is a big social issue in India. We will not discuss it here, today’s topic is Dark Lips Treatment with Creams and Home Remedies. Many people search out for how to cure dark lips or how to lighten black lips. We will share some remedies to lighten black or dark lips.

What Causes Black Lips:

Dark Lips Causes can be anything. Its all depend on your what kind of lifestyle you are living. Poor health like weak lungs, upset stomach, urine infections, hormonal levels, smoking, chapping and dryness, less moisturizing, caffeine intake, alcohols, allergies, expose to sunlight, cheap lip balms, and cheap lipsticks, etc.
Many other reasons can also count how’s your physical health not only outside but inside, if any deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body, not taking proper intake of water, etc.

Just observe the causes in your case and act accordingly. If you find any relatable cause then try to cure it. Now, We know the reasons, we will talk about how to cure dark lips and treatment of dark lips.

Suggesting here some of the skin lightening cream easily available offline and online stores. Lots of lip creams are available you can get from nearby chemist stores. Here are some that works best if properly used. They will not help work as lip lightener cream but also smooth the dry lips, moisturize and make them soft and supple.

Names of best creams for the treatment of Dark lip and to make the dark lip skin lighten :
– Godiva Lip Lightening Cream
– Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream
Lip-Lightening Cream for Dark Lips White Doctors
Dark Lips Magic Cream
Gluta-C/ Gluta Max
Maybelline Lip balm for dark lips
Boutique whitening fruit lip balm
Lipbless lip lightening cream
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Avoid cheap lipsticks and lip balms.

There are other natural tips that can help in getting rid of black lips. These remedies work differently on all people depending on the skin and its darkness. Use patiently and observe which suits you best and keep up that process regular. There are many home remedies that can help reducing darkness of lips and also make them light pink or red.

Home remedy for dark or black lips:
– Apply cucumber juice or a slice of cucumber on lips even while eating your food.
– Fresh Tomato juice can be applied anytime.
– Fresh Beetroot juice works wonder.
– Fresh rose petal paste will too work a miracle.
– Lemon juice and honey can help get rid of discoloration of lips.
– Curd can be applied before bed time and exfoliate lips in the morning.
– Almond oil drops or almond milk also helps in reducing blackness of skin.


Exfoliate your lips with lemon juice and sugar from time to time. Use these home natural tips to lighten dark lips and you will find a change. Apply these things as much as you want to use. No barriers. Apply any of these remedies that you love while bedtime to get best results.
You will thanks us later for sharing these natural tips to lighten dark lips.

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