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Top 10 Glamorous Night Clubs and Bars in Gurgaon

People often seek for vibrant nightlife after a dull boring corporate day. And often dont know where to go and end up laying down in bed. Sorting out your problem. How you can make your nights fantastic and joyful on sundays or whenever you want to chill. For that, we are here mentioning “Top 10 Glamorous Night Clubs in Gurgaon” and must visit Gurgaon nightlife clubs and bars. If you’re planning a night on the town in the city of Gurgaon but don’t know what nightclubs to check out, these are the places for you.

1. Phantom
Phantom is one of the night clubs in Gurgaon that is definitely not for visiting when the sun is out. If you want to eat some delicious desi food and catch up with friends over drinks then this is the place to be at night. After tiring day at work or after some stressful college exams, you want to just let it all go and relax with friends. This budget-friendly club of Gurgaon is the perfect place for that. With affordable menu items that are tasty at the same time and are just what you need at the end of a tough week.

2. Vegas 99
This Blackjack themed bar is lit up extravagantly and will definitely get you at a party mood. It embodies the spirit of Vegas and has a large hardwood dance floor on one side and comfortable seating on the other. They are also a microbrewery so, you can enjoy some of their delicious home brews or try out some of their cocktails. If want some Instagram worthy pictures, their fun decor will definitely provide you with a perfect backdrop. Food from around the world, drinks, and dance floor, what more could anyone want!

vegas 99  bar club

3. Adda by Striker
Adda by Striker, as the name suggests, is a great place to chill at with friends on a weeknight or a weekend. They screen matches live and have a fully stocked bar so you can drink and watch the game with friends while rooting for your favorite team. This place also has a rooftop bar which is great during a pleasant night. During the year they also host a Sufi night which you don’t want to miss out on if your love is Sufi music. The staff is very courteous which is always a big plus point.

4. iKandy
A pool party is one of those movie made myths that you always hear about but never go to. iKandy fixes that problem with their Sunday night pool parties. They have a giant pool lit up with glamorous neon lights and they serve drink while you are in the water. This is a great place to hang out with friends any night of the week but who can resist a pool party especially during a hot Gurgaon summer. They really embraced the slogan that Sunday is the best day of the week!

5. Gravity Space Bar
Gravity Space bar is one of the night clubs for party in Gurgaon that will leave you awestruck the moment you walk in. You will feel like you really are in space with their dark decor and bright lights that look like galaxies floating through the sky. They serve European, Asian, Indian, and Continental cuisines. Their diverse menu will definitely make it tough to choose what to eat but at the end whatever meal you pick will be worth it. They also serve some innovative cocktails in keeping with the theme of the restaurant that taste like they are out of this world.

6. Showshaa Nightclub
This is a nightclub that is open till the sun comes up so you truly can party all night. They know that sometimes all you want to do be lay it all out on the dance floor and dance your cares away so they have one of the largest dance floors you’ll find in Gurgaon. This club looks like a large auditorium where the chairs have been cleared out for an after party, with a large bar stacked full of alcohol on one side and seating on the other. They serve some delicious bar snacks and all the classic drinks as well as some house specials. This definitely should be on your list on your next night out.

7. Club 4 U
If you’re looking for clubs at night for party in Gurgaon, this nightclub definitely fits that description. This club gives it to you straight, with great drinks, a vibrant dance floor, colorful decor, and tunes that will get you dancing no matter what. They serve some delicious food that you would want on a night of drinking and dancing and is definitely one, youngsters gravitate towards on any day of the week. It is also pocket-friendly which is always a plus when you are planning a night out.

club 4 U bar

8. Bottles and Barrels
Bottles and Barrels have a very open and inviting atmosphere and have a spacious floor plan. They project the match live and is a great place to watch the game with friends over a couple of beers. The quirky decor helps to create a casual ambience which makes anyone feels right at home and helps to distress from your hectic or stressful lifestyle. This is a nightclub meant for those who may not be party freaks but enjoy a chill drinking session with their loved ones.

9. Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy
Walking into Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy is like walking into a story or an experience. Modeled after the speakeasies of 1920s America, this resembles the hidden bars during Prohibition era when it was outlawed to have bars or go out to purchase alcoholic beverages. This place is not one for loud music and carefree dancing, but it is definitely one for great conversations or even enjoying a quiet night alone with a drink and a book. They have some great reads lined up across the bar for you to choose from and they have some of the best cocktails you can find in the city.

10. The Hook- Restaurant and Brewbay
This is the club for people who enjoy coastal cuisine and love seafood. This restaurant come bar serves some of the best seafood in a town and has some delicious cocktails to pair with it. The vegetarians need not fret; they have also some delicious veg options for you to choose from. They are great at preparing food that is healthy as well as delicious and there is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink on the side of your meal. This is a great place to be at any time of the day on any day of the week. 

the hook restaurant and brewbay

Now you know must-visit gurgaon Pubs and Nightclubs to enjoy Nightlife and party clubs in Gurgaon you should check out the next time you are planning a night out with your friends or family!


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